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Remembering this piece about using art in  counseling... Healing through Art   “Death is a mystery to all of us and sometimes words  are not  enough. Art  making provides  a way to symbolically express our feelings as we begin to heal,” says Joni Beckner. Art has always been an important part of Joni’s life,  a hobby as a child which grew into free-lance illustration and fine art work.  Now as an art therapist at Hospice, her love for art is helping grieving children and teens learn to cope with loss.   Joni received her master’s degree in art therapy January 2008 and she has been a hospice grief counselor since 2000. “I always knew I wanted to pursue art therapy; what solidified  that desire  was my observation of just how  valuable the medium is in working  with children and teens. Art allows kids to work through  emotions and experiences  that they may not be able to  access and  express in traditional talk therapy,” she says.   Because children and teens deal with grief and loss ve

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